• Promise.mp32:30
  • Talk The Talk.mp32:30
  • The Deep End.mp31:34
  • Tangerine Dream.mp31:44
  • Lion In A Cage.mp31:19
  • I Killed The Day.mp31:19

Contemporary Jazz

  • Watch That Girl.mp31:56
  • Proud For Too Long.mp31:46
  • Love Soldier.mp31:57
  • Be My Woman.mp31:54
  • Aint No Woman.mp31:46
  • I Wanna.mp32:03
  • Rise Up.mp32:17
  • Proud For Too Long.mp31:46

  • Low Rider.mp32:19
  • Carnival .mp31:46
  • Pocket Full Of Funk Web edit.mp31:34
  • Astrida.mp32:09
  • Remember When Web edit.mp31:41
  • Without You web edit.mp31:48
  • Block Party.mp33:03

Audio /Video

Singer /Songwriter

The Music Lab Music Production

Here's a video of a mix playback of Karen Lloyd's very nice song Butterfly. Watch the faders fly!

  • The Belonging.mp32:11
  • Wear My Gold.mp31:28
  • Time Bomb.mp31:29
  • Good Love Gone Bad.mp31:56
  • Raincloud.mp31:44
  • Colors.mp31:29

Hard Rock/ Metal

Mariana Mox's song Flowers 


The Music Lab Recording & Production