Mix your project on our

Otari Concept One with Eagle Automation. Eagle is a very powerful automation system  that in addition to giving you moving fader and mute automation, also enables ALL switch automation. So want to punch in an eq on a word, easy. We have a wonderful complement of analog outboard gear and plug in's to get you that commercial record quality sound. Check out our equipment list

Need your project mixed but can't make it to the studio? No Problem! We can broadcast live our mix to wherever you might be provided you have an internet connection. No waiting for an mp3 for approval. Hear it as it's being done in realtime. Need to do a voiceover and have a remote client listen for approval? We can broadcast our session to your client 

Record either analog  2"24 track or onto either Logic Audio or Pro Tools 48 channels of Daw I/O. Take advantage of our great drum sound or amplifier collection. We also offer re-amping using a Little Labs Redeye re-amping tool

Audio Restoration

We now offer audio restoration services. Have an old recording you need cleaned up?  We have the tools, and know how  to breathe new life into an old recording!

Need help with your production? Our Chief Engineer, Lou Gimenez is a Billboard charting producer who can help you realize your vision for your project in a timely and cost effective way.

We specialize in working with singer songwriters  and even if you don't have the chords for your song, if you have a melody, we'll come up with the right accompaniment for your song in the style you want. 


Multi Track Recording

Remote Broadcast Recording & Mixing


The Music Lab Recording & Production